Short Ribs

with Tennessee BBQ Sauce. £7.95

Bread Board

A selection of fine breads, with oils, hummus & Dukka £5.95

Buffalo Hot Wings

served with our signature buffalo hot sauce £6.95

Baked Camembert

with dipping bread & house chutney. £7.95

Red Velvet Prawns

with chilli mayo £5.95

Spicy Shrimp Gumbo

sauteed shrimp served in a spicy tomato& veg sauce, with crusty bread on the side £6.95

Mexican Nachos

homemade nachos, salsa, guacamole, sour cream (add chilli for£1.50) £5.95


12 0z Dry Aged Ribeye Steak

Our 28 day hung ribeye, pan fried and cooked to your liking. Marinated plumb tomatoes & garlic flat mushroom. Served with house fries – £21.95

10 oz Dry Cured Sirloin

Our 28 day hung Sirloin, pan fried and cooked to your liking. Marinated plumb tomatoes & garlic flat mushroom. Served with house fries. £19.95

8 oz Gammon Steak

Our finest Gammon steak, topped with Pineapple & egg. Served with Fries, onion rings & House garnish. £11.25

Fish & Chips

Our 10 oz cod fillet served in a crisp Timothy taylor landlord batter, chunky chips, minted mushy peas and homemade tartar sauce. £11.95

Bulls Head Burger

Homemade chilli & blue cheese burger, jalapenos, salsa & monterey jack cheese, sour cream, nachos & crispy bacon. £11.95

Chicken Burger

Our finest chicken breast coated in ‘Timothy Taylor’ landlord batter, homemade chutney and served in a toasted brioche bun with house fries. £10.95

Bulls Head Veg Burger (v)

grilled halloumi, roasted red peppers, salsa, nachos & sour cream . £10.95

Vegan ‘Fried Chicken’ Burger (vg)

Seitan burger with avocado & dairy free cheese & topped with vegan pulled jackfruit. Served in a toasted ciabatta bun. £10.95

Falafel & Avocado Wrap (V/VG)

spiced falafel & juicy avocado, served in a fresh wrap with a crisp salad. £8.95

Ultimate Chicken & Waffles

buttermilk chicken strips with a coconut & cajun crumb, streaky bacon, maple syrup & slaw. £10.95

Halloumi & Avocado Waffles (V)

pan fried halloumi & avocado, served with a coconut & cajun crumb, aubergine bacon, maple syrup & slaw £10.95

BBQ Short Ribs

Served with corn on the cob, chicken wings, fries and a side salad. £14.95

Honey Mustard Chicken

tender chicken in a honey mustard sauce & penne pasta £9.95

Sweetcorn & Black Bean Fritter Salad (V)

homemade fritters served with a crisp salad & mint yoghurt dressing £9.95

Coronation Chicken Salad

homemade coronation chicken, mango puree & mint yoghurt £9.95

The Bulls Head Stone Baked Pizzas

Using traditional Italian dough, pressed and cooked fresh to order. Take away available.

Margherita (v) (vg available)


Spiced Lamb & Mint Yoghurt


Pulled Ham & Pineapple


Sun Blush Tomato, Balsamic Mushroom & Artichoke

£9.50 (v)(vg)

Red Pepper & Hummus (VG)


Balsamic Mushroom & Goats Cheese

£8.95 (v)

The Bulls Head Hot One


Classic Pepperoni


Duck & Hoisin Sauce w/ Spring Onions


BBQ Chicken


Meat Feast


Sweet Chilli Chicken


All Day Breakfast




Mexican Burritos

California Highway

Buttermilk chicken, streaky bacon, crispy fries, cheese, avocado & hot sauce £9.95

Tijuana Twister

Homemade chilli, sour cream, jalapenos, salsa & crisp salad £9.95

BBQ New Yorker

Buttermilk chicken, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, salsa & bbq sauce £9.95

Santa Cruz (V)

Black bean & rice chilli, topped with avocado & crisp salad £8.95

Fantastic Sides

Angry Fries

Our fiery fries are topped with house hot sauce & jalapeños to bring the heat! £4.50

Nuclear Fries

topped with chorizo, jalapenos, chilli flakes & melted mozzarella. £6.95

“Baa Fries”

Shredded lamb, house hot sauce & minted yoghurt. £6.95

Cheesy Fries

Who doesn’t love plain old cheesy fries. £4.50 (v)(vg)

Garlic Pizza Bread

Our 8in thin crust pizza base, smothered in garlic oil. £3.50

Haloumi Fries

Covered in a light crisp batter and served with a rocket salad and spicy mayo sauce. £6.95

Joe’s Frickles

Battered gherkin, served with a spicy mayo sauce. £3.95 (v) (vg)